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How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status?

How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status? 

You can put refers to, photos, recordings, GIF in WhatsApp Status to mention to your friends what's new with you, which is extraordinary since it can convey your allies closer to your life. 

Nevertheless, there are compels on video size and length in WhatsApp Status. How to avoid the limits to put the more drawn out or full video in WhatsApp Status? 

Whatsapp Status Video Length and Size Limit: 

In WhatsApp, you can't send recordings greater than 16MB, which is regularly a video of 90 seconds to 3 minutes of video. Regardless, the video you can move to WhatsApp Status is a lot more diminutive and shorter, that is the video you put in WhatsApp Status should be no longer than 30 seconds. 

Cut Videos for WhatsApp Status: 

You can do that without an application. Essentially move your long video to WhatsApp status, there will be a white slider to for you select 30 seconds cut from the long video. Select the 30 seconds of your long video. Repeat it until you have set the full video in WhatsApp Status 

In any case, WhatsApp can't part your long video unequivocally. You may need to cut your video into a couple of bulky catches. To avoid that, you can genuinely cut recordings for WhatsApp Status by downloading a video shaper. 

How to set full/long video in WhatsApp Status? 

If you would incline toward not to part a long video in WhatsApp Status and really need a response for temporary re-route the video length limit, you can use WA Tweaks, an application that is planned to evade WhatsApp limit, for instance, 30 seconds length limit for WhatsApp Status. The application moreover empowers you to change the subject of WhatsApp, send photos in full objectives, etc. 

WhatSaga is an utility gadget to empower you to post stories longer than 30 seconds by parting them into parts of 29-second recordings and sharing them simultaneously in a second!. 

Introducing long video statuses on WhatsApp is just less complex considering the way that you don't need to hack them down genuinely, WhatSaga will do it for you in a second and offer it to WhatsApp. 

To part video: 

* Select the video which you have to share as 
   whatsapp status. 

* Pick the time extent of video with run seekbar       showed up underneath the video. 

* Snap on 'Trim and Share on Whatsapp' get 

* That is it, Whatsapp Tool will trim(split) the           video into different parts and will let you to          share the picked video on Whatsapp as Status.

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