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How to Send 3D Text on Whatsapp?

How to Send 3D Text on Whatsapp? 

WhatsApp needs to give you an elective strategy to send content and sight and sound messages, to no end. At the point when you download the application, you can send content, picture and video messages to no end to anyone in any country. 

WhatsApp uses the standard data plan on your phone instead of an extra additional help like SMS. It's available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Symbian, and Windows Phone, so download WhatsApp to start sending video messages today! 

To make your 3D Post with flying content brilliant 3d establishment pictures and 3d Text organization with various new unrestrained arrangement structures. Features which easy to structure with your new content styles. In this application, you can combine 3D stickers the 3D impacts on the photos with incline work. Apply the edge impacts viably where you need channels, concealing effects, photo impacts, or incorporate surface concealing effects. Content tendency or picture establishment point is the limit from which you complete a specialist content setup post with changing features. Work on this photo sway make multi lingual proclamations and use emoji's or 3d emoji's. 

You can structure a logo and make some 3D show and draw in your partner's by your android flexible application. Draw and resize picture when make full arrangement by then rotate the photo like your own one of a kind style. Make an in the current style picture 3D post using 3D camera feature or HD camera features. 3D name save in your PDA and offer with various mates by means of online systems administration media engines for entertaining post. You can set the presets and convert your photos in 3D structure. Workmanship calligraphy custom content styles is moreover to make 3d mark making gadget. 

This application is moreover used to make 3D presentation maker photo, shrewd 3D content and 3D stimulated content straightforward. Its use for amusement, preoccupation to make a not too bad post and draw your own special idea on the touch screen of your flexible. Straightforward for 3d content to make the various kind of 3D post. You make an extraordinary photography and easy to make 3d logo structure, logo plans with lovely arrangement and no hold on for splendid post. 


1. 3D content director with another component Gradient is amazing organizing limit. 

2. Make 3D puffin feathered animals like cats, ducks, dogs and some more. 

3. Make your photos and selfies as an establishment to give them a 3d name 

4. Burden your camera and presentation pictures in 3D Terrain 

5. 3D stickers and 3D models can be set (first time in android) 

6. Camera Position is variable. Move it near ground or high on sky to see post with different focuses. Also Rotate Camera to any edge. 

7. Make Post size as demonstrated by your essential by changing perspective extent. 

8. Change Light force on Environment and Text. 

9. Change Ground/floor with stylish landscapes and proceed onward a level plane and vertically. 

10. Move Sky or Skybox in 360 degree it realizes changing the Light Course on Text.

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