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How to Secure Your Whatsapp Chat

How to Secure Your Whatsapp Chat 

Most of the other App Lock applications give basically PIN and Pattern lock decisions to bolt your applications and vault. As a rule, our allies and partners can calculate our PIN or Pattern by peeping behind us for multiple times. Is your allies, partners and family members hypothesizing your PIN number as regularly as could reasonably be expected? We give the Ultra Lock application to deal with your anxiety. 

Beside PIN and Pattern lock decision, Ultra Lock gives the going with exceptional lock options, 

Hours and Minutes PIN: 

This decision sets the current hours and minutes as your lock screen PIN. For example, if the here and now is 10:50 AM, by then your lock screen PIN will be 1050. Since hours and minutes in the cellphone changes on reliably, your PIN will similarly change every second. The best part is, you needn't review the reliably changing PIN number. 

Date and Month PIN: 

On the off chance that you would lean toward not to change your lock screen PIN number to reliably, you can use the Date and Month PIN which changes. For example, if the current date is 05/06/2018 in DD/MM/YYYY gathering, by then your lock screen PIN will be 0506. On the next day, the PIN will be 0606. 

Battery and Battery PIN: 

Battery and Battery PIN will set your lock screen PIN as the current battery level in your cellphone. For example, if the current battery level is half, by then your lock screen PIN will be 5050. 

Beside them, Ultra Lock gives the various mixes of the Hours, Minutes, Date, Month and Battery level, for instance, Minutes and Date PIN, Month and Minutes PIN, Hours and Date PIN, Minutes and Battery PIN, etc., Using them, will make it extraordinary for others to figure your App Lock mystery express. 

Other Cool Features in the App: 

Time sensitive Lock: You can engage or handicap the lock for a particular game plan of applications reliant on the time. For example, you can bolt your long range casual correspondence applications just in the midst of your accessible time from 9 AM to 5 PM and open it after that time. 

WiFi-Based Lock: You can enable or impede the lock for a particular game plan of applications reliant on your related WiFi. For example, You can enable lock for Messaging applications when you connected with your office WiFi and weaken lock for them when you separate from that. 

Gatecrasher Detection: The application will find the photo using the front camera if someone endeavors to get to your bolted applications and exhibit a notification about. 

Last Unlock Time: Ultra Lock will exhibit a notification with the last opened time of the bolted applications when you open the particular applications. 

Lock PIN Modifiers: We give pivot and balance modifiers which sets the task of estimating your PIN. For example, If you use switch modifier decision Hours and Minute PIN type and the here and now is 12:15 PM, by then Ultra Lock will set the lock screen PIN for the App Lock as 5121 which is pivot of right now. 

Irregular Numeric Keypad: The lock screen of the App Lock exhibits the numeric keypad in self-assertive solicitation. 

Photograph and Gallery Lock: You can bolt your private photos and accounts inside Ultra Lock. 

The Ultra lock screen offers you a through and through personalization decision. Just snap on the personalization tab in the menu and you can change most of the going with: 

Background: pick a scenery for both the storage and your contraption establishment 

Zipper style: adjust the zipper tab to arrange your experience or cause it to rise 

Row style: pick the style of your zipper with different concealing and shape 

Font style: all the information appeared on your zipper lock screen can be changed with the printed style plan that you like 

• Each time you change something you can in like manner click "See" to see how it will look when Ultra lock screen is established 

Also Ultra lock screen has a see elective so you can see all of the movements you made and change the arrangement of the storage. This elective makes it particularly easy to use the application, considering the way that you don't have to reveal an improvement by then leave, check whether you like it and the arrival to settings. You can do everything straightforwardly here inside the application. 

With Ultra lock screen you can furthermore re-try the storage. Snap on the settings tab to pick the action speed for the zipper to spread out in a brief instant or a smidgen more slow. You can pick whether you have to hear the zipper sound and the vibration. The Ultra lock screen can show the Date, Time, and your battery level so you will never run out. In case you lean toward an ideal look, you can murder all the device options.

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