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How to Lock WhatsApp Chat with your fingerprints?

How to Lock WhatsApp Chat with your  fingerprints? 

It's entirely possible that you live in a house with a lot of kids who much of the time snatch your phone to play and watch accounts. That is in all probability fine by you, anyway you most likely won't need them to investigate your WhatsApp visits. 

This Chat Locker Chat conceal application lets you guarantee most standard informing and talk applications you can dash for WhatsApp visit, Facebook visit and significantly more by using a PIN. Keep your insurance and keep up secure you can in like manner structure it to disguise pictures and accounts from your contraption show by entering the mystery key. after foundation it will demand that you set a 6 digit PIN, and will show the arrangement decisions to jolt these applications. you can change auto-lock time, so you don't need to enter the PIN each time you change task on your contraption. If you enter a misguided pin and your phone has front camera, it will snap a photograph of the gatecrasher and extra it inside the application. 

Talk storage: jolts and adds a mystery expression to all your informing, SMS, visit, informing, email applications on your contraption. It does this by basically including a PIN/Pattern to enter any of your informing and SMS applications. Message storage assurances to safe guardian your messages and messages from anyone using or examining your phone. 

Adequately secure your private and social occasion Whatsapp conversations and keep up their insurance using a secret key. In case you have to jolt a segment of your whatsup talk rather than locking full application, by then here is an application that locks explicit visit only that you need. 

The best technique to Use: 

1 : On the main go through foundation, set security question/answer if in case you ignore and need to recover mystery express, by then use security question/answer to recover mystery key. 

2 : After that set your 6-digit number mystery express. 

3 : Then add your own visits to this talk storage and lock them. 

4 : Change the default subject, change mystery express, recover mystery key and engage/hinder mystery key from settings. 

Free for use: 

– Best application for locking whatsapp talks. 

– Hide your own whatsapp talks from others. 

– Uses uncommonly less space and resources. 

– Protect your mystery expression with your security question. 

– Lock/Unlock singular talk similarly as social affair visits with 6-digit mystery key. 

– Also use your one of a kind finger impression to open mystery key. 

– Available surprising points for storage. 

– Simple structure and easy to use interface. 

– Only Minimum approvals required.

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