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How To Hide your Personal Chat on Whats app?

How To Hide your Personal Chat on Whats app? 

Hi companions I am back with another astounding article today we are going to discuss how To Hide your Personal Chat on Whats app. If you have to cover your secret talk with someone and no one can see him, So on play-store there are various Apps anyway all of them having a couple of drawbacks in it. In any case, this App Stealth Tap is best for this, considering the way that in this application your messages and calls are encoded and some other individual not read your messages even you can give open converse with him. So this application is best decision for those people who need to stow away there secret talk with some remarkable individual and no body can examine him. 

Here is How To Hide your Personal Chat on Whats app? 


This application is actually a comfort, when you present this application from play store then set as default support in your Android Phone, So when you using this reassure while sending message to someone, when get from inverse side then it is important to present this comfort for other Phone and a short time later they will examine this message. In actuality these messages are sending in encoded structure like code, and subsequently other individual will open in that support and read the message adequately. For example you send the message, how right? so truly code is sending to other individual not under any condition like this message so after they will reorder in that reassure then he will prepared to scrutinize the message how right? 

Private Messaging: 

It is secure application for calling and illuminating with your partners, accessories or someone extraordinary in your life, So it as front line encryption advancement in which you will check your discussion and other individual can't examine these messages if they open your visit yet in light of encryption he won't prepared to scrutinize. 

Release Tension: 

In case you are feeling awkward conditions and you really need to reduce some weight anyway you don't feel comfortable inside seeing others so you will use Stealth Tap App to use it and send encoded messages to your partner or accessory to release your strain and no one can comprehend what you will send to your assistant, Actually he can't scrutinize your mixed message. 

Covertness top Keyboard use: 

You can offer a message that you snap to jolt. 

You can copy a notification message and open a message by tapping on the open sign. 

You can set a PIN, so when the snap picture is clicked, it is a sign for the PIN to turn away the covertness tape's reassure from irritating another message. 

Supports over the secrecy tape board above. 






Change the proposals to a long press and select the settings key

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