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How to Hide Whatsapp Conversation On Android Phone?

How to Hide Whatsapp Conversation On Android Phone? 

MaskChat is a FREE exceptional propelled Mask expected for android customers to take care of security, while having a private conversation on their PDAs. Talk Mask is an application which urges you to Protect and Hide Chat Screen (Not simply visit yet it covers the piece of your screen for any app)from People around you. 

A portion of the time we couldn't care less for in case anyone read our private/critical conversations or find in our remote screen while we are talking. So We made Chat Mask which gives you security and Hide Chat from people around you. With the help of Chat Mask people around you not prepared to see talk substance and photos. 

MaskChat is a security channel/security protector uncommonly made for Facebook Messenger, LINE and WhatsApp. 

Accept you are going in a vehicle or metro and you are conversing with someone on your flexible anyway the individual sitting close by you keeps looking on your convenient, directly this is the perfect time to put the drapery on your live visit from the onlooker. 

This application allows you to cover your private substance in open zones like vehicle or metro. By and by you will feel easy to visit by putting the cloak on your screen 

☛ Hide pic 

☛ Hide live talks 

☛ Hide anything you want 

Spread visit application Highlights: 

Set Mask On Screen. 

Set Different shroud points. 

Redo cloak from show photo and make trasparent spread. 

Secure any social talk using spread visit application. 

What you can stow away ? 

Stow away WhatsApp visit. 

Cover up Snapchat. 

Cover up facebook examining. 

Stow away WeChat. 

Conceal screen while making passwords or getting to private information. 

Bit by bit directions to use: 

Download and Install MaskChat application on your android contraption. (For MI Users, if it's not all that much difficulty go to settings and truly offer approval to draw over various applications) 

Snap on MaskChat application image. 

An automated window decoration opens to cover or cover your phone screen for security. 

Drag it to a great extent to hide their screens from onlookers. 

Alter the cloudiness using the slider 

Empower contact through segment using the change catch to keep an enduring spread on your screen and use the phone through it while keeping the cloudiness to generally insignificant. 

Snap on cross image and the window adornment will close, deserting a floating Maskchat image. 

Why and When to use: 

DRIVING: While going in metro, cable car or some other open technique for vehicle, to keep up their security from the observers. 

VISITING: Draw this propelled shroud while visiting on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Tinder, TrulyMadly, Happn, OkCupid Dating, Hitwe, Badoo, Woo or some other talking stage. 

DATING: To shroud their private encounter with their darling or darling from unfortunate onlookers while sitting close by a friend, family members or Parents. 

WATCHING: Keep the floating Maskchat image on their screen while watching private accounts and can rapidly drop the electronic window decoration in case anyone sees them. 

TRANSLUCENT SCREEN: While creating huge information or passwords. With MaskChat, you can close the drapery over the application and keep the keypad revealed. By and by, others can't see what is made on the screen. 

MESSING AROUND: Hide some bit of the screen while playing with codes or private information. 

Shroud talk in any case called Maskchat – Hides Whatsapp Chat,Hide Whatsapp Chat with Mobile,HideChat, MaskChat – HideChat, etc.

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