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How to Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen on Android

How to Freeze Whatsapp Last Seen on Android 

DirectChat empowers you to make ChatHeads for any application or task individual. It manages all your conversation in one spot to help you with having a supportive conversation without barging in on your current task to such a degree, that you can scrutinize and reply to all messages while never going ahead the web. It goes with more than 20 dispatchers help obviously. It is likewise appropriate on the off easygoing that you need all of your advices to appear in ChatHeads. You can also change the visit appearance to suit your supplements with different shades and trustworthiness. 


ChatHead Support for all applications 

Security Mode – Read and answer all of your messages without going ahead the web and cover last watched! 

MultiWindow/MultiTasking – Chat over the most elevated purpose of any window! 

Clean Arrangement – New ChatHeads will appear more than each other as stack and won't mess your window. 

DND Mode – Pause the ChatHead Service fleeting and stop getting its notification. 

Blacklist Apps – Disable ChatHeads to jump up on specific applications 

Blocked Users – Disable ChatHeads to jump up from explicit customers. 

Lockscreen support – Chat honestly from lockscreen for any representative. 

Virtuoso Features: 

No Ads 

Second Reply – Lets you quickly answer just from message see w/o opening Chat bubbles 

Engraving messages as read truly from ChatHead 

Late Chats and audit any past conversation at whatever point 

Talk Colors and Themes 

Open all Apps for ChatHeads 

Air pocket and Chat Window Transparency 

Diverse Predefined Themes 

This NO last watched hider is extraordinarily easy to use: when you get a message from one of the maintained Chat Apps, it will in like manner be appeared in Unseen. There, you can examine it at whatever point you need, without having any of your partners understanding that you have seen it. 

If you would lean toward not to reply to someone anyway you have to examine all the moving toward message without seeming sign. You can without quite a bit of a stretch get this peaks in Hidden, No Latter Seen and Unseen Chat. circumspect 

No convincing motivation to debilitate the web affiliation or sanction the detached mode to scrutinize your messages clandestinely! Subtle offers you a grand interface, easy to use and that even empowers you to sort your messages . 

Default Supported Messengers: 


Command post 





Facebook Messenger 







Conveyance individual Lite (for Android N+) 



Android Messages 

Instagram (for Android N+) 

Google Voice 



Disagreement (for Android N+) 

Wire (for Android N+) 

what's more, that is only the start.. 

Engraving as Read Supported Apps (Pro) 





Command post (Android Auto App required) 



Conveyance individual 

Textra (Android Auto required and Auto blend in Textra Settings) 

what's more, that is only the start.. 

Conveyance individuals that genuinely works yet are not offically reinforced at this point 

Eat SMS 

Ricochet eMail 

Water Mail 

Heartbeat SMS 

Equal Space 

Most Stock Messaging applications

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