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How to Disable Voice Message in Android?

How to Disable Voice Message in Android? 

Mouthpiece blocker is an amplifier protection device. Amplifier blocker will impair and square your phone's mouthpiece and give receiver confirmation against misuse, unapproved and conniving amplifier get to. 

Security confirmation is critical for every individual. In Android stage various applications are available that using Microphone Permission close by Internet Permission. They may record sound at whatever point in establishment without knowing to you and may move to web. Amplifier blocker will make sure about your security by frustrating phone's receiver get to. 

Amplifier Block – Mic Secure guardian is a free application that keeps your device's sound port hidden. The arrangement ease allows simple utilization of the application, despite for the non-taught customers. Amplifier Block – Mic Secure guard will guarantee your assurance by blocking phone mouthpiece access against spyware and malignant applications. 

The clear interface is definitely not hard to use and empowers the customer to pick settings. 

Application TEMPORARY BLOCK AND DISABLE ACCESS TO MICROPHONE TO ALL OTHER APPS AND WHOLE ANDROID SYSTEM. [NO ROOT NEEDED | PHONE CALLS NOT INTERRUPTED]. A lone find enables frustrating of any inside or external access to the mouthpiece. Mouthpiece Block – Mic Secure gatekeeper can update the customer's insurance, and shield interlopers from listening covertly inside just a tick of a catch. 

Mouthpiece Block – Mic Secure guard – A single catch frustrates any inside or external access and attempts to use contraptions receiver until the customer picks something different. 

No More Spying – The eavesdroppers will never again have the alternative to hear through your contraption. 

Calling Conversations – Ordinary calls won't be impacted when the blocker is on. 

Use And Compatibility – Microphone Block – Mic Secure watchman works with online life accounts, similarly as task individual applications. 

Assent – Microphone Block – Mic Secure guard demands approvals to get to receiver in order to turn away the abuse of contraptions sound port. 

What Features You Get: 

* Programmed amplifier impede by certain time break 

* Warning application launcher for smart access of receiver to picked applications 

* Insurance from spyware, malware and tuning in 

* Square and guarantee amplifier by single tap on notice 

* See application list that using amplifier assent 

* Basic and clear arrangement with various subject sets 

* No root required for blocking mouthpiece 

* Impediment affirmation on drawing closer or dynamic calls

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