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How to Convert Audio into content on Android

How to Convert Audio into content on Android 

Have you anytime been getting voice messages from WhatsApp and not having the choice to tune in around at that point? By and by you can change over them to substance and know in time what your mates confer, despite when the condition doesn't allow. This appreciation to Transcriber, without time limits. 

What is this Product? 

Transcriber is an item for manual and customized interpreting of sound records. content chief and sound player are on a comparable window, and there are various limits (like: auto rewind, substance to-talk, talk to-content, sound substance interfacing, … ) to help manual interpreting of (talk) sound record as basic as could be normal in light of the current situation. 


Understudies may record their teacher's talk at class, create it later using Transcriber and make pamphlets in the PDF or HTML report plans with sound associations (click the association and play instructor talk for associated content) 

PhD understudy and abstract researcher may record meets and interpret it later using Transcriber, make sound associations and charge the thing to other post getting ready applications like Atlas.ti, Maxqda, Nvivo and … 

Interpreters May use Transcriber to Listen and (truly) decipher recorded talk on a comparative window 

Features of Transcriber: 

voice to content, by then you don't need to type anything in your phones. 

1.Just download this application and talk whatever message you have to send , it will make for you. so Start working distinctly. 

2.Sometimes we have to make a long email , around then we don't need to type for informing. 

just talk anything you want to write,this application will auto-make everything in your email. 

3. You can moreover share any substance by Bluetooth through this application. 

4. You can in like manner use this application with fb dispatcher , in fb you also don't need to form anything 

to type a message. basically talk your message, it will form everything for you. 

5. You can in like manner check its Advance variation name with Voice to Text X that will help you with changing over your message into Multiple tongues while Chatting. 

Archive Formats: 

The deciphered substance can be exchanged to plain substance, PDF, RTF, HTML, SYN (Atlas.ti synchronization), NVivo Transcripts and F4 understanding. 

Transcriber Application is a free application, anyway in case you have to convey more than 15 sound associate with other record structures, or if you have to continue using customized disentangling of sound archives to content (the underlying 5000 articulations of modified deciphering is free for the application test), present Transcriber key. 

Huge Notes: 

1-The modified change of the talk sound record to content, is dependent to the going with necessities and your contraption may not support it: 

* The idea of the speakers and voice sensors of         the  device 

*The idea of the sound archive and 

*The speed and the constancy of the device web     affiliation, 

2-Automatic interpreting of the underlying 5000 words is free for you to test the application, if the test is productive you need to acquaint a Transcriber key with continue using customized interpretation. in case the test isn't productive (in light of the fact that the requirements of your contraption), presenting the Transcriber key doesn't reveal any improvement. On the off chance that it's not all that much difficulty present the Transcriber key just if the preliminary was successful and you without question the device supports it.

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